Our Solidarity Statement

Solidarity In Action

The Board of Directors and Management of New Horizon Family Health Services, Inc.  express our heartfelt sadness and sympathy for the family and friends of George Floyd as well as for the many others who have suffered and lost their lives because of acts motivated by racism. We denounce racism and discrimination in all its forms.  

The Community Health Center (CHC) Movement, of which New Horizon Family Health Services is a part, was founded over 50 years ago during the civil rights era. Our heritage is based on social justice and health equality for all people. Health centers know firsthand the detriment that racism and violence have on our country’s health and economy.   

ALL lives matter, but when a subgroup is subjected to inhumane treatment, injustice and death because of the color of its skin, then it’s time–just as we’ve always done in health care when addressing health disparities–to place more focus on the subgroup experiencing unfair treatment; thus, Black Lives also Matter. 

New Horizon Family Health Services will remain steadfast to our long standing history and commitment of the CHC Movement to advocate for social justice and health equity for all people.  By denouncing racism, discrimination and injustice in all its forms, we can together fulfill our Mission to provide quality, affordable, compassionate patient-centered health care to improve the health of ALL communities we serve. 

New Horizon Family Health Services Board of Directors and Management 

Adopted: June 23, 2020